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Inspection of Children’s Services: Pembrokeshire County Council

Our findings and recommendations for children’s services in Pembrokeshire County Council.

We inspected services for children at Pembrokeshire in September 2018.

The inspection looked at the experience and progress of children on the edge of care, children looked after and care leavers, and the use of fostering, residential care and out of area placements.

We also looked at child protection enquiries, urgent protective action, and care and support protection plans.


The local authority has demonstrated its commitment to modernising children’s services, with good corporate support from elected members and the wider council. Inspectors found the senior management team was committed to a culture of openness and transparency and welcomed challenge.

Safeguarding procedures and processes were understood and followed by staff, ensuring children and young people were protected in a timely and consistent manner. Early intervention and preventative services for children and families are well established and successful.

The local authority recognised a need to further develop its services for young people who are leaving care, as well as strengthening fostering arrangements to ensure consistent positive experiences for children.

Areas for development

  • Continue to work with other departments within the council and partner agencies to support looked after children and care leavers.
  • Further develop the fostering service to provide greater choice of appropriate placements for all young people, especially those with complex needs.
  • Ensure there is sufficient senior management capacity to deliver the local authority’s change programme.
  • Review current work force strategy to help with the recruitment and retention of staff in children’s services.

Next steps

We expect the local authority to consider the areas identified for development and take appropriate action. We will monitor progress through our on-going engagement activity with the local authority.

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