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More than just words: action plan for Welsh Language in Health, Social Services and Social Care

How we will support the implementation of 'More than just words: Action Plan’.

‘Mwy na geiriau/More than just words: A Strategic Framework for Promoting the Welsh Language in Health, Social Services and Social Care’ was published in 2016 by the Deputy Minister for Social Services.

The aim of the framework was to ensure that organisations recognise that language is an intrinsic part of care and that people who need services in Welsh get offered them. This is called the ‘Active Offer’. 

The aim of the More than just words: Action Plan is to build on the previous strategy, as well as to reflect changes in the political and legislative context. 

We are subject to the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language Standards.

What does the ‘Active offer’ mean?

An ‘Active Offer’ means a service is provided in Welsh without someone having to ask for it. 

It is the responsibility of everyone who provides care services for people and their families across Wales to deliver the ‘Active offer’.

What we will do

We have been tasked with mainstreaming the inspection of planning, provision and experience of Welsh language services by March 2019.

We will include the aims of the strategic framework as we develop new inspection methodologies, processes and reports. As part of our inspections we will look at and report if an ‘Active Offer’ is made to people using services.

Examples of a care service that provides an ‘Active offer’

  • the key worker system ensures ‘named’ staff members are ‘matched’ to children and adults who are Welsh-speaking
  • signage in the service helps to orientate Welsh-speaking users
  • Welsh language books, newspapers and other resources are, or can be made, available for children and adults who speak Welsh.

Help for staff to deliver an ‘Active offer’

It is important that staff offer Welsh language services to those who are using the service, rather than expect them to have to ask for it. Welsh Government has produced an information pack (External link) to help staff to make an ‘Active Offer’.

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