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More than just words

More than just words is Welsh Government’s strategic framework for promoting the Welsh language in health and social care published in 2016.

An independent evaluation of the More than just words framework (External link) was published in 2021 and an updated More than just words action plan (External link) was produced.

Receiving services in Welsh, is an integral component of good quality rights based and person-centred care. Adoption and delivery of More than just words in social care and childcare services should help improve the quality of care and outcomes for people living in a bilingual country.

Everyone who works in social care and childcare can make a difference by asking themselves “what can I do to help improve Welsh language provision?” and make that journey as smooth as possible. Small changes can make a big difference.

What does the ‘Active offer’ mean?

A key element of more than just words is the Active Offer. This means a service is provided in Welsh without someone having to ask for it. It is the responsibility of everyone who provides care services for people and their families across Wales to deliver the ‘Active offer’.

This doesn’t mean everyone has to be fluent in Welsh. Being able to say a few words in Welsh ‘dipyn bach yn y Gymraeg’ can go a long way – they can include words of comfort or offering a “paned”. It doesn’t matter how many words of Welsh you have – what matters is that you use it. Even if you don’t speak Welsh a little bit of understanding about the needs of Welsh speakers can go a long way.

Inspection reports

All of our inspection reports for regulated services will record a judgement about whether a service is

  • Providing an active offer
  • Working towards
  • Not providing

Definition of a service that provides the ‘Active Offer’

  • ‘The service provides an 'Active Offer' of the Welsh language. It anticipates, identifies and meets the Welsh language and cultural needs of people who use, or may use, the service’

Definition of ‘a service that is ‘working towards providing an ‘Active Offer’

  • This service is working towards providing an 'Active Offer' of the Welsh language and demonstrates a significant effort to promoting the use of the Welsh language and culture.’

Definition of where the service does not provide an 'Active Offer'

  • This service does not provide an 'Active Offer' of the Welsh language and does not demonstrate a significant effort to promoting the use of the Welsh language and culture.

Examples of a care service that provides an ‘Active offer’

  • The key worker system ensures ‘named’ staff members are ‘matched’ to children and adults who are Welsh-speaking
  • Signage in the service helps to orientate Welsh-speaking users
  • Welsh language books, newspapers and other resources are, or can be made, available for children and adults who speak Welsh.

Help for staff to deliver an ‘Active offer’

It is important that staff offer Welsh language services to those who are using the service, rather than expect them to have to ask for it. Welsh Government has produced an information pack to help staff to make an ‘Active Offer (External link)’.

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