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How we inspect adult and childrens services

Information and guidance about how we inspect adult and children's services.

Reference to ‘Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales’ (CSSIW) in the documents on this page should be read as ‘Care Inspectorate Wales'.

What we check and report

When our inspectors visit a service, they will generally consider four core themes:

  • Well-being
  • Care and support
  • Environment
  • Leadership and management

How often we inspect

The frequency of our inspections is set out within our Code of Practice.

We have two types of inspections: full and focused.

Full inspections

These are routine inspections, planned as part of our inspection schedule.

Full inspections take place approximately six months after a newly registered service becomes operational. After that, routine inspections follow the frequency set out within our Code of Practice.

Focused inspections

These normally happen when concerns are raised or to follow up on areas of improvement identified at previous inspections. These inspections may only look at some aspects of a service.

All inspections of accommodation-based services are unannounced. Inspections of all other regulated services are announced

Annual Return

More information about completing your Annual Return is available on our Submitting an Annual Return page.

Help for providers

Providers should read our Code of Practice. It outlines how we inspect services registered under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016 (External link).

We have also produced inspection frameworks for each of the adult and children services we inspect against. These set out what we will consider within our inspections.

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