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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Latest information on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Care and residential services

All social/community and residential services in Wales are advised to note the latest guidance about COVID-19 to reflect current developments:

If local authorities or Local Health Boards wish to provide a service that would otherwise need to be registered as a care home or domiciliary support service, they must notify us of their intentions in advance, using the Exempt services Notification form.


Enabling people to meet with family and friends

Following the publication of the Social Care Transition Plan(external link), we expect all providers to welcome and encourage visitors in an open and flexible way. Routine indoor visiting should be supported without restrictions when there is no outbreak. We do not expect there to be inappropriate restrictions on visitor numbers, days people can visit or on the length and frequency of visits. If there is a COVID outbreak at the service, people should still be able to have visits from two designated visitors, at the same time if preferred.

We will consider enforcement action if unnecessary restriction of visitors is undermining people’s rights and breaching regulations. This includes (but is not limited to) Regulations 15, 21,23 and 25.

Childcare and play services

All childcare and play services in Wales are advised to note the latest guidance about COVID-19 to reflect current developments: 

Although the guidance is mainly directed at schools and education services, the same applies to all childcare and play services. All such services are asked to take note of this guidance and to regularly check the Public Health Wales website where any future updates will be published directly. From this website you can also access advice issued by the UK Government.

As with other infectious diseases, please use our notification process for infectious diseases to report when an outbreak of COVID-19 has occurred. An outbreak is classified as two or more cases. 

You no longer need to submit a temporary closure notification due to COVID-19.

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