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Welsh language

Care Inspectorate Wales Publication Policy (for external publications).

1.    Care Inspectorate Wales Forms and Guidance Documents

  • All forms and guidance documents will be published in Welsh and English.

2.    Care Inspectorate Wales Publications, Local Authority Inspection and review reports, and national and thematic reviews

  • All reports will be published in Welsh and English.
  • All publications will be published in Welsh and English.

3.    Regulated services inspection reports

From 30 March 2016, in line with Standard 40 of the Welsh Language Standards (No.1) Regulations 2015, Care Inspectorate Wales are exempt from having to publish all regulatory inspection reports in Welsh. We will publish these reports bilingually in the following circumstances:

  • For services who operate in Welsh or bilingually.
  • Where we have ascertained that this would reflect the language preference of the service. We will confirm the language of choice of a service at the point of registration and check via the annual data collection exercise.
  • When the report pertains to a particular care setting where the majority of its customers are Welsh speakers and Inspectors feel that service users or families may want a Welsh language report.
  • The public can make a reasonable and proportionate request for any of Care Inspectorate Wales inspection reports in Welsh.  For such requests Care Inspectorate Wales will consider whether the subject matter or anticipated audience suggests that the report should be made available in Welsh, in accordance with Standard 47 of the Welsh Language Standards (No.1) Regulations 2015.  

Requests from the public should be sent to

4.    Regulated services inspection reports we do not publish

These include:

  • Children's homes
  • Residential family centres

This is usually to protect the privacy of children or people who use that service. The reports are available on request.