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Online services

We have been designing our online services ‘CIW Online’ to support our work and make it easier for providers and people to contact and work with us.

What you can do online

We have been rolling out our online services in a phased approach. 

Responsible Individuals of Adult and Children’s Services

Responsible Individuals of adult and children’s services must now carry out all of their business with us using CIW Online (External link). 

New services wishing to register under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care Act (RISCA) (Wales) 2016 must submit an application to register using CIW Online (External link). 

Childcare and play providers

Childcare and play providers must now carry out all of their business with us using CIW Online (External link). 

New services wishing to register must submit an application to register using CIW Online (External link).

Notifications and Variations

Providers registered with us must submit notifications and variations online to make changes to their registered service. 

All online services will be available in Welsh and English.

How do I access CIW Online?

The following people can access CIW Online (External link):

  • Childcare and play providers;
  • Care home service
  • Secure accommodation service
  • Residential family centre services
  • Domiciliary support services
  • Adoption services
  • Fostering services
  • Adult placement services
  • Advocacy services
  • Day care and play services
  • Childminders

Creating a CIW Online account

  • Visit CIW Online (External link)
  • Select ‘create account’
  • Follow the on screen instructions
  • In order to activate a new account, you will need to telephone us to verify your identity. If your identity is successfully proven, you will be provided with an activation PIN. This PIN provides you with full access to our online services.

Online support

If you need help using our online service or have any questions please email us. ( or telephone 0300 7900 126.

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