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Who we are

Gillian Baranski is our Chief Inspector. Our teams work out of offices in Merthyr Tydfil, Carmarthen and Llandudno Junction.

We are led by our Chief Inspector Gillian Baranski.

Our senior management team

  • Chief Inspector
  • Deputy Chief Inspectors x2
  • Head of Support Services
  • Head of Adult and Children's Services Inspection
  • Head of Local Authority Inspection
  • Head of Registration and Enforcement
  • Head of Childcare and Play Inspection

Inspection teams

Our teams of inspectors are skilled and experienced professionals, who have previously worked in the sectors we regulate. They include occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, teachers and daycare specialists.

Registration and enforcement team

Specialist registration and enforcement teams are in place to make sure that only services that meet all of the regulatory requirements and understand their responsibility to provide safe and good quality care are registered. The teams also take action if services don’t provide safe care.