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Orlaith Brennan

National Advisory Board member

Who am I?

My name is Órlaith Brennan. I am originally from Ireland but have been living in South West Wales for almost seven and a half years having moved here to start my career in social care and developing a love for the beauty of the Welsh beaches and countryside.

What do I do?

I have worked within domiciliary care since I moved to Wales, I started as a domiciliary carer before moving into roles such as call monitor, office and field assistant, field supervisor and now Clinical Care Manager and I chair a complex care board specialising in complex care needs, policy implementation, partnership working and safeguarding.

My areas of interest and/or experience

I have worked within domiciliary care across three counties in South West Wales, therefore, have a greater understanding of the challenges faced in each geographic area. I specialise in safeguarding vulnerable adults. I additionally specialise in complex care needs within the community, ensuring domiciliary staff have the correct training and guidance to support these individuals.

What’s important to me

I am passionate about high standards of care and the implementation of policies to safeguard our most vulnerable service users. I have the drive to promote partnership working to break down barriers within social care and improve the care experience for the people of Wales. I believe having a highly skilled workforce who have a greater understanding of the needs of their individuals will improve the well-being of the people we provide care to.