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Natalie Fletcher

National Advisory Board member

Who am I?

I like to think I am in the prime of my life & after spending the last 30 years working in the child-care sector, feel I have found my calling.

I am a social creature & my career has bought me up North from Essex to beautiful Wales where I have made great friends & connections, which helps with the distance that has been carved between myself & my family.

I am a huge animal lover & enjoy being around nature & pets. I am a bit of a ‘home-bird’ & enjoy relaxing in my country cottage, baking treats for my friends.

What do I do?

I am the Care Services Director & Responsible Individual for a private organisation that provides a home & supports the education of children.

I have strategic oversight for the development of childcare services as well as operational & legal responsibility for the homes.

I am passionate about my work & take great pride in ensuring the organisation has strong values & ethics which enables all stakeholders to feel confident in the service. I love my job & wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.

My areas of interest and/or experience

I am a massive fitness fan & enjoy running, climbing mountains & being outside. I am at my happiest when partaking in physical activity. I also love to watch sports. I enjoy going to the gym & love socialising & meeting new people.

I used to compete in classic/ballroom dance when younger & have maintained this passion (although not as nimble now!)

I love cooking (particularly baking) which is offset by the physical activity that supports the guilt-free enjoyment of consuming the results of my baking passion.

What’s important to me

Spending time with family and friends fills a huge part of my social time & is where I feel the most content. I am equally as comfortable in my own company & love to keep fit. I will often be found in the gym or up a mountain alone or in good company.

I love to visit different places & spend time relaxing abroad. I have many friends across seas, so will often spend time in the year visiting these special people.

It is important to me that I am heard & treated fairly. These values are equally reciprocated in my approach to others.

Having a purpose and working towards this keeps me looking forward & focused.