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  • 24 February 2022
  • News

Update on annual returns requirement and inspection ratings

An update for our registered care home providers on submitting annual returns and the introduction of ratings.

Annual Returns

Alongside the Welsh Government we are aware service providers are still under considerable pressure due to the impact of the pandemic.  In order to support the sector, the Welsh Government will bring forward regulations to delay the requirement for an annual return until October 2022.

In addition, the regulations will limit the information required for the annual returns due in October 2022 to that which is set out on the face of 2016 Act.  This approach will significantly reduce the amount of content required in the annual returns to:

  • the regulated services the service provider is registered to provide;
  • the places at, from or in relation to which the provider is registered to provide those services;
  • the name of the responsible individual designated for each service;
  • the date of registration for each such regulated service and place;
  • details of any other conditions on the service provider’s registration;
  • details of the number of people to whom the provider provided care and support during the year;
  • a statement setting out how the service provider has complied with the requirements of the regulations

We have developed an online template which will pre populate the majority of this information, further reducing the burden.

We will engage with you further during the coming months to clarify the practical arrangements for the submission of annual returns.

Inspection ratings

The introduction of ratings for care home services and domiciliary support services has been further delayed from April 2022 to April 2023.

This means from April 2023, silent ratings will be introduced and, subject to Regulations, published ratings will be implemented from April 2024.

During 2023/24 CIW ratings will not be included within inspection reports and will not be published on our website – we refer to this as ‘silent ratings’.

An evaluation will take place in late 2023, which will allow us to assess our consistency of practice in applying ratings as well as assessing the impact on service providers and our inspection teams.