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  • 22 February 2024
  • News

Inspection report for Flintshire County Council’s adults and children’s services published

Our inspection took place in November and December 2023.

The purpose of our inspection was to review Flintshire County Council’s adults and children’s services.

We found there is a stable and experienced senior management team in place across both services providing continuity of leadership.  Partner agencies, providers and stakeholders told us that leaders are visible and there are good relationships at a senior level with open communication.

Practitioners also stated leaders are accessible, approachable, and supportive, and overall, ensure practitioners have the right training and skills.  Practitioners clearly know the people they support very well. In response to our survey, many people said they felt respected and listened to by practitioners.

The local authority is well sighted on market stability in its area and the needs of its population. There are examples of the local authority implementing successful strategic plans in response to identified need and the lack of certain support services in its area.

We will continue to monitor the local authority in line with our ongoing monitoring and performance review activity. 

Report of Performance Evaluation Inspection (PEI): Flintshire County Council’s adults and children’s services