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  • 26 October 2023
  • News

We have published our Chief Inspector’s annual report 2022-23

Our annual report outlines our work throughout the previous year.

Published today, this year’s report highlights the continued impact of many of the issues outlined in our 2021/22 report. This is because social care problems facing the outside world are felt even more acutely within the social care sector.

We have identified key trends for each of the areas we regulate and inspect and highlight four cross-cutting issues requiring collective action.

Chief Inspector Gillian Baranski said: 

Some of the topics covered in this report will not make easy reading. This is a difficult time for the sectors we regulate and inspect and yet, our inspectors consistently find most services are providing good, safe care for those who use them. It is important we continue to celebrate the wonderful work that goes on in care services throughout Wales on a daily basis, and to give people hope too. 

Another demanding year, another year of exceptional commitment and dedication from all those working in social care and childcare and play services. They richly deserve our appreciation and thanks. It is such a privilege to be Chief Inspector of an organisation that makes a difference to the lives of so many people across Wales. What we do can only be achieved by the hard work and passion of our staff, and I am deeply grateful to each and every one of them. 

Let’s capture and celebrate good practice and share it widely and often. Promoting positive cultures and practice is something we will be doing a lot more of during the coming year, and you can expect to read more about this in next year’s report.

Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Heléna Herklots CBE, said:

It is positive to see from CIW’s Annual Report that inspectors consistently find most services are providing good, safe care for those who use them, which includes many older people. 

However, the report also makes clear that the care system is facing significant and ongoing pressures which are impacting upon people who need care and support, particularly the increasing number of individuals with complex needs. 

It is deeply concerning that these pressures seem to be undermining people’s rights to have their needs assessed, and to have choice and control about the care they receive, as well as placing greater pressure on unpaid carers, many of whom already face huge challenges. 

I support the calls for action included in the report, which reflect my own calls to tackle issues with recruitment and retention by improving pay and conditions for care staff, and to reduce pressure on services through preventative approaches. 

It is crucial that the Welsh Government considers the concerns set out in the Chief Inspector’s report and works with local authorities to ensure that people can access the care and support they may need and, even more importantly, that people’s rights are protected and upheld.