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  • 10 May 2023
  • News

We have published our updated Code of Practice for our local authority inspection activity

The updated Code reflects the changes we have made to how we will review local authority social services.

The previous edition of our Code of Practice was published in 2019. The new version explains how we’ve introduced assurance checks of local authorities to enable us to have a baseline understanding of what is happening within each local authority. We used to refer to this as ‘focused activity’. The results of these checks are now published, to improve transparency.

Other types of activity include a performance evaluation inspection and an improvement check.

We have tested, learned, adapted and improved our approach throughout the last few years, following one of our guiding principles which is to be intelligence-driven.

We report on good practice; what must improve (where local authorities aren’t meeting their statutory duties); and what should improve.

Find out more by reading our Code of Practice on the Local authority inspection page of our website.  Alternatively, watch the short video below to find out what changes we’ve made.