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  • 7 June 2022
  • News

We are changing how we request information from providers via CIW Online

Following a successful pilot with providers towards the end of 2021, we will be switching on a new direct messaging feature for all providers from 8 June.

The new feature has been developed to make it quicker, easier, and safer for providers to send us documents.

What’s new?

From 8 June, the new secure feature will replace the use of email when we request documents from your service. These requests will appear directly in your CIW Online account. Each Responsible Individual/Registered Person will receive an email alert prompting you to log into your CIW Online account when a document request has been made.

Why we’ve made this change

The need to request documents quickly and easily, track those requests, provide definitive timelines for a response, keep documents secure and only keep those documents for the time required, is of paramount importance to CIW given the often sensitive nature of the information required to help us in our work.