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  • 7 January 2022
  • News

CIW and Estyn resume joint Inspections from the end of January 2022

An update from the Inspectorates.

During the autumn term 2021, we (Estyn and CIW) noted our aim to re-start joint inspections during the spring term 2022.  We now intend to resume joint inspection towards the end of January. 

To support our return to core inspection activity we published a revised inspection framework in November 2021 on our websites.  We will be sensitive to settings’ experiences of the pandemic when we resume inspection and continue to monitor the situation carefully and evolve our plans as necessary. 

During the spring term, we will not publish overall summative judgements to individual inspection themes and will keep this under review. 

Estyn will apply their follow-up procedures and CIW will apply our securing enforcement processes as necessary.