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  • 21 January 2021
  • News

We will no longer send mass communications to Registered Managers

This is because we no longer register managers nor ask for their email addresses.

Since the implementation of the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act (RISCA), we no longer register managers and therefore we no longer ask for managers' email addresses. The registration of managers is carried out by Social Care Wales (External link).

As such, when we send out mass communications on behalf of either ourselves, Welsh Government or any other body, we will no longer email Registered Managers - only Responsible Individuals/Registered Persons, and/or the service email address.

This will only affect mass communications, for example Welsh Government letters and updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, or key changes to the law as part of Brexit.

Day-to-day emails from CIW staff will not be affected. However, Registered Managers may notice a drop in the number of mass communications they receive from CIW.

To ensure that information reaches the right people in your organisation, please ensure you provide an up-to-date service email address within your CIW Online account. Responsible Individuals or Registered Persons can do this by logging into your CIW Online account and updating your service profile.

If you're a Registered Manager who wants to keep receiving mass communications from CIW, please ensure you have access to your service's generic mailbox, or arrange for relevant emails to be forwarded to you.

Managers who are online assistants

If you are a Registered Manager and are listed as an online assistant for your service within CIW Online, your account will not be affected. This business change only affects mass emails being sent containing information and updates.