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  • 9 September 2020
  • News

We have today published two companion national review reports

The work for these reports was completed earlier this year, however, publication has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our review of care homes for people living with dementia looked at the care received by people living with dementia in care homes in Wales, and how they are supported in this important stage of their lives.

The findings in this report highlight positive practice and areas where improvements are still needed. This report considers the experiences of older people up to the need to move to a care home.

Our review of prevention and promotion of independence for older adults is focused earlier in the lives of older people in Wales and identifies a number of similar findings and areas of improvement to ensure social services and health boards contribute to improved experience and outcomes for people who need support.

To view all our findings and recommendations for each report, please visit the relevant page listed below.