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  • 19 August 2020
  • News

A change to notifying us about COVID-19 cases in regulated services

Providers no longer need to tell us about suspected cases, only confirmed ones.

On 12 March we asked providers to notify us of all suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in staff and people using the service.

These notifications provided essential intelligence about the spread and prevalence of COVID-19 in regulated services, and enabled us to advocate on behalf of people using services, providers and staff working in them. We shared this with Welsh Government and Public Health Wales to assist in securing the appropriate support and inform policy decisions.

Tell us about confirmed cases

As testing has rolled out and become more available, we believe the time is right to stop requesting notification of suspected COVID-19 cases.

We want providers to continue to notify us of each confirmed COVID-19 cases only – those with a positive COVID-19 test result.

How to notify us

Providers should continue to use the infectious disease notification on CIW Online to notify us as they would any infectious disease. We will soon be introducing changes to this notification to make it easier to make these notifications and will provide updates as this progresses.

Designated online assistants

We know Responsible Individuals (RIs) and nominated online assistants are not always available or have capacity to report to us. RIs can delegate other people working at their service to make notifications on their behalf. Those chosen will become designated online assistants.

Find out more about nominating online assistants.